Jau, Mobilegeeks. Einfach mal den ersten Roboter aus der Bildersuche kopieren - kann man schon machen. 🤦‍

Im T-Shirt und bei Sonnenschein die Bürgerpflicht erfüllt.
Söderaustreiben, glaub ich, nennt man es. 😉

Dornbirn was really nice - as expected! Lots of visitors, huge interest in Linux, friendly and open community.
If you ever have the chance, drop by!

Quick reminder: I'm going to Dornbirn this weekend. So if you're around and want to have a chat just drop by at booth A1!

More info at linuxday.at

Infographic: how much is a trillion $?

(Source: informationisbeautiful.net)

The "Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards" 2018 finalists are here and they are hillarious as always: comedywildlifephoto.com/galler

I like the upcoming UI look of OpenBuildService. Finally cutting off old braids!

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