Not sure if shameless or desperate: When you try to install Firefox or Chrome on a recent Windows 10 version 1809 Insider build, the installation gets interrupted with this screen.


@vinzv Both. I do find it somewhat funny that microsoft would go as far as to interupt an installation process to shove some more Edge down user's throats.

@NickFreeman I hope they don't and keep this feature to annoy users as hell with two possible consequences:
a) people leave Windows behind, coming to Linux eventually.
b) people don't leave and I can keep eating popcorn looking at their sufferings. :)

@vinzv @NickFreeman I did a) for basically this reason. The edge pimping is insane in W10

@vinzv As time goes by, their methods become increasingly more intrusive.
Is this why they called the thing Edge? Because they'll go to the edge to promote it?
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