Wow. Good job #Fediverse. No, seriously, good job! **slow clap**

Many on here make themselves out to be accepting and open to new people. Yet Wil Wheaton gets so much abuse, he was forced off the platform.

Like I said, great work folks. ☹️

@kev I'm amazed how fast this went to media.

We will see how it works out. At least the message "The fediverse is yet just another social media" is out now.

Or to put it in other words: Decentralization doesn't solve the most problems of a social media, it just decentralizes them. (Which is funny, since we decentralize for resilience… which now also applies to all these problems)

@sheogorath @kev As if they've been waiting for it... 😒


It basically makes up a good story and shows that some claims that were made, weren't completely correct.

We shouldn't complain since these media do their job. They report things and Mastodon is really easy about coming up with drama. Also theverge usually talks very positive about the fediverse (as far I can remember), so it's definitely fair.

Finally it's still a good sign, since this also means the fediverse got to a level where it's relevant to the media.


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