: There is a nice graphical frontend for top called "gnome-usage". Not necessary for me, but maybe good for newbies.

@vinzv I could stare at those nice anti-aliased curves all day long. :D

@vinzv Back in the day, there where some good tools, like gnome/mate-system-monitor. Gone?
I think we are f-ed when the Windows Task Manager is way better than any Linux GUIy thing.

@snaums gnome-system-monitor is still around and good as always.

@vinzv Okay, maybe I sound like a prick, but... why is someone investing their time into this gnome-usage tool then?

@snaums Not sure but I assume some interest in other coding language? system-monitor is written in C++, usage is written in Vala.

@vinzv And not done by the person who programmed usage. The old "it exists, but not done by me"-reason. ;)

What about htop? I personally still find top a bit *chuckles* over the top

@nolifeorname I know and prefer htop as well. But with people being afraid of the terminal such GUI tools are nice to have.

@vinzv I guess that's just me not understanding why people would be scared by a terminal... But that's a completely different discussion

@nolifeorname It's nothing rational, of course. But still the problem exists.

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