Looking for a reliable rolling bleeding edge distribution? Worth reading: "Upgrade Reliability of openSUSE Tumbleweed"

@vinzv MX_17.x for modern systems and antiX_17.x for older boxes. I run both and stability with a dastardly number of apps is just there. My boxes stay up with no issues.

@radiant3462 ...which are both neither rolling nor bleeding edge.

@vinzv Both roll with stability. And spending time recovering from bleeding issues is a waste of the time we're here for.

@radiant3462 No, they don't. AntiX is semi-rolling, MX is fixed.
With Tumbleweed there's no need for recovering from bleeding issues.

Rolling releases are by definition unstable and released targeted to those with the time and skill to fix them up. Were that not the case, all releases would be rolling. Fixed releases such as Mint, Debian and the LTS Ubuntu class of distributions are just that: Fixed. They just work.

@radiant3462 No. Rolling releases per definition just don't have fixed point releases. You are referring to bleeding edge. Debian Testing or Manjaro for example are not unstable, but yet rolling.

True. And targeted to those with the time and skill to fix them up. Says so in the release notes.

@radiant3462 ...which is why I was sharing the initial story. So what's your point?

@vinzv ich vergesse immer das es ja noch suse gibt. Vielleicht lohnt es sich ja sogar nochmal anzuschauen

@xsteadfastx Lohnt sich. Man hat da vor einer Weile das Konzept endlich mal grade gezogen und auch die Upstream-Mitarbeit aus dem Enterprise-Bereich macht sich bemerkbar.

@vinzv ich weiß gar nicht wie weit verbreitet suse eigentlich noch ist

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