Jau, Mobilegeeks. Einfach mal den ersten Roboter aus der Bildersuche kopieren - kann man schon machen. 🤦‍

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So 5.0 is here, packed with lots of nice features.
But does it still lack a way to upgrade from one major version to another? Couldn't find a word in their release "notes". medium.com/elementaryos/elemen

Dank des Profilbilds von @kassiopeia möchte ich jetzt in Urlaub. Gnmpf.

Im T-Shirt und bei Sonnenschein die Bürgerpflicht erfüllt.
Söderaustreiben, glaub ich, nennt man es. 😉

Dornbirn was really nice - as expected! Lots of visitors, huge interest in Linux, friendly and open community.
If you ever have the chance, drop by!

Quick reminder: I'm going to Dornbirn this weekend. So if you're around and want to have a chat just drop by at booth A1!

More info at linuxday.at

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any website that can detect my use of ad/script blockers is a website that justifies the use of ad/script blockers

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Today #fosdem2019 announced the #Decentralized Internet and #privacy devroom proposal was accepted 🎉 😂

Now is the time to work on the call for participation, due next week.


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We're happy to learn #Tagesschau (German public-service TV news) having their own #F-Droid repo: service.tagesschau.de/app/repo

It features their official app and is a great move towards user rights and freedom. Sadly the app isn't free and open source software, although it's financed by taxpayers’ money.

If it is public money, it should be public code as well. #PublicCode


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