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Zwei weitere Events in der Region für @tuxedocomputers unter Dach und Fach gebracht. Gar nicht schlecht für einen Dienstag.

So, is America great again yet? Just asking...

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The copyleft symbol has been added to Version 11.0 of the Unicode Standard!
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Switching to Linux

I want to feel good about the tool I use everyday and I want it to reflect what I stand for so I just ordered a Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro ( from @tuxedocomputers & they kindly agreed to preinstall Pop!_OS 18.04 for me (thank you, Vinzenz, you rock!)

I maxed it out with an i7 4-core CPU, 32GB RAM, 1TB Samsung Pro SSD & a QHD+ screen that I plan to run at 200% HiDPI.

This will be my main dev machine going forward. Can’t wait! :)

The World Taekwondo Federation voted to change it's name to World Taekwondo in 2017.


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Feierabend, schön war's bei ! Danke an die Organisation und bis nächstes Jahr! 👋🐧

Und falls ihr nicht dort wart: unbedingt 2019 vormerken!

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Funny how almost 2 year old hardware is hyped just because a KDE logo is sticked on it. (Yes, *sticked*!)

Especially because the company actually has much better equipment on offer... 😒

Schon witzig, wie da fast 2 Jahre alte Hardware gehyped wird nur weil ein KDE-Logo drauf pappt. (Ja, *pappt*!)
Vor allem weil die Firma eigentlich viel bessere Geräte in Angebot hätte... 😒

Das ist schon cool mit der Maus auf der ISS!

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Ready for !
Der Tux lässt schon mal den Motor warmlaufen...

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Es gibt grob 2 Arten von Internetauftritten.
"We take your privacy seriously"
"We take your privacy. seriously."

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SUSE is hiring a Graphics Driver Developer

"In this role, you will be responsible for maintaining the Linux graphics driver stack, both kernel space and user space. This includes X.Org drivers as well as Wayland compositors and possibly other upcoming technologies."

I expect some fun incoming...

Google/Alphabet put a whopping $20 million into GitLab B.V. through its investment offshoot at the end of 2017.

But, yeah, keep running there guys just "because it's open source".