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Hello to all the new "Piners" that have been receiving their PinePhone UBports Community Edition, welcome! UBports, Pine64 and also the broader community will benefit from your contributions.
Get into the community conversation on Telegram: and on both the Pine64 web forum:
and the UBports forum:
Please also contribute by filing bugs at:

#UBports #Pine64 #UbuntuTouch #PinePhone #Lomiri #community

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Wow, you can have a _complete_ set of digital computing devices for less than $500 USD with @PINE64 stuff.

* PineBook Pro: 199.99
* PineTab+keyboard: 119.98 (pre-order)
* PinePhone: 149.99 (uBPorts ed.)
* PineTime: 24.99 (dev kit)
= Total: $494.95 USD

They're all designed with FOSS in mind and schematics are provided. That's awesome.

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List of GNU Distros on Mastodon

Please help me share.

- Ubuntu @ubuntu
- Ubuntu MATE @ubuntumate
- Kubuntu @Kubuntu
- Xubuntu @xubuntu
- Lubuntu @lubuntu
- Ubuntu Studio @ubuntustudio - Mint @linuxmint
- Debian @debian
- openSUSE @opensuse
- PureOS @purism
- GuixSD @guix
- Manjaro @manjarolinux
- OpenMandriva @OpenMandriva
- elementary OS @elementary
- MX @mxlinux

Not joined yet:
- Fedora
- Red Hat
- CentOS
- Trisquel
- Mageia
- ...

#linux #gnu #freesw: I wish all join Mastodon.

Blog post sharing my experience of introducing Python programming to a general audience at "Tech me out at home" online event organised by Pint of Science Ireland

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New find: Libravatar, (an alternative to Gravatar). Liberapay and few other sites support it:

Reminder: LPWM #6 today at 7pm GMT
Topic: The csv module - reading and writing CSV files. Handling errors in programs.

Online meeting link:

Course page:

Event page:

This is very useful to have in the browser bookmark bar.
Kills sticky headers on websites.

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Thank you to the #jitsi folks who have created a platform for people to connect, and a strong alternative to proprietary platforms. You all rock.

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New episode is out:

The return of the Heron β€’ QT - fork it, maybe? β€’ Phosh so big and pure β€’ Foliate your ebooks β€’ Deepin in beta β€’ Lightly Lemur β€’ Support Joe β€’ Stay safe and eat scones

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Do you have a great idea about how to bring new coders into FOSS? Our Community Engagement Challenge was made for you! Get a head start on your application by checking out our FAQs. #GNOMEChallenge

BioVM 18.04.1 is now available

It is an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine for Teaching and Learning Bioinformatics.

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Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon will start next Sunday 5 April 2020, which for a week invites you to improve biomedical free software and the tools / libraries that support it.

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One of the best decisions I made was to deactivate those 'read receipts', aka blue ticks, from the IM apps that I use. Not only people stopped asking me for an answer right away but also I stopped waiting for other people's answers as soon as the ticks went blue. #MentalHealth

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VS Codium - the community-maintained MIT-Licensed build of Visual Studio Code from Microsoft, is now available in the Snap Store! Edit your code with more added Freedom!

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