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I realise this is very motherboard specific, but has anyone had any luck with modifying bios settings from a running OS before? As a blind individual who needs a screen reader, not being able to access the bios is very annoying, requiring sighted assistance.

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The Linux App Summit goes online in November. Call for papers is now open, so come and tell us about your project!

A high performance X11 animated wallpaper setter

I remember searching for something like this after seeing live wallpapers on Android

Experience so far:

Good build quality.
Battery was not charged initially. Made the mistake of connecting to a charger immediately! Should have removed the plastic film first between the battery and contacts.
There was a note in the user guide, which I noticed only later.

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Take a look at the #Akademy2020 program with all of the awesome talks, workshops, and BoFs in store for you. And don't forget to register!

Image credit:

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In the last days, we prepared some new content coming to next month:

– Using U2F as two-factor authentication for OpenSSH (instead of OATH-TOTP)
– Basic WireGuard setup
– Bitwarden for beginners – setup and basic usage

#InfoSecHandbook #InfoSec #Security #Blog

@friend Thank you. Yes, I'm aware of the Electron/Chromium base. I have used VS code and Atom in the past.
I made the post to suggest gnome builder as an option for those looking for an IDE.

@friend Understand the part about browsers using up memory.
Builder is more than a text editor though. It is an IDE with a built in support for many languages, debugging, building packages etc.,
Although, I have only used it for editing Markdown/Python/HTML files so far.

Same project open in GNOME Builder and VSCodium. No files open.

GNOME Builder πŸ‘

Output from ps_mem.


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digiKam developers, creators of KDE's professional photo management application, release version 7.0.0. Includes a new neural network-based system for face recognition, support for more RAW formats, support for HEIF images, and much, much more πŸ“Έ.

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πŸ“’ New episode is out! πŸ“’
COVID app for Linux Foundation β€’ PinePhone improved... β€’ ...and with Android 10 β€’ Olive editor β€’ LibreOffice: it's not personal β€’ We're out for summer

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