Nice! Also available in English and other languages.

Signal on Twitter: "Signal that you've made the switch by setting a new profile pic in the chat app that you’re leaving behind. தமிழ்" / Twitter

Same project open in GNOME Builder and VSCodium. No files open.

GNOME Builder 👍

Output from ps_mem.


/e/ ROM keeps pushing apps it thinks users might need with no option to disable or uninstall them. This time it was a pdf viewer. Looks nice but I had one installed already and it worked perfectly fine.

I have now switched back to Lineage. This also fixed an issue I was facing (unrelated to /e/) where apps couldn't write to external SD card.

I made of port of the sustywp theme for the Pelican static site generator. sustywp is a minimal theme with CSS and some javascript only for the menu functionality.


Live preview:

Original theme on which this is based:

Lots of dark color themes for Emacs. It was hard to find a light theme that I liked. Found this nice one recently called "Doom Nord Light" and I'm liking it :)

It is part of the "doom-themes" package and is available from MELPA.

GitHub repository:

Font used in the screenshot is "Input Mono Narrow Light"
Available from:

Original post on Reddit where I found it:

Published at last! :)

Purely Static — a simple guide to build and publish a static website with Pelican, GitLab Pages and Let's Encrypt

PDF sample

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