Same project open in GNOME Builder and VSCodium. No files open.

GNOME Builder 👍

Output from ps_mem.


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@vimal I mean, that's a very low bar to take. Visual Studio Code runs a browser to display its UI, so you'll have a hard time finding any text editor that manages to use more RAM than that.

@friend Understand the part about browsers using up memory.
Builder is more than a text editor though. It is an IDE with a built in support for many languages, debugging, building packages etc.,
Although, I have only used it for editing Markdown/Python/HTML files so far.

@vimal Hmm, well, now I'm actually not sure, if you understood my remark about browsers.
What I'm saying is that VS Code is literally a browser that displays a webpage for code editing. It's built with the Electron framework, so there's Chromium built into VS Code to render the UI with web technologies.

There's maybe some slight optimizations, because this browser only has to display this exact webpage, but it is still a browser.

@friend Thank you. Yes, I'm aware of the Electron/Chromium base. I have used VS code and Atom in the past.
I made the post to suggest gnome builder as an option for those looking for an IDE.

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