Webrecorder is a program/service to archive web pages . Available as a desktop app (github.com/webrecorder/webreco)

This might be the Read it later/Pocket alternative I was looking for (testing)

ArchiveBox (archivebox.io/) is interesting too. Doesn't have a a GUI yet, but provides a browsable index for saved web pages.

Other programs I've looked at: Wallabag, Polar Bookshelf, Zotero and Shiori.

Monolith (github.com/Y2Z/monolith) is useful for saving individual web pages incl. js and css.

Published at last! :)

Purely Static — a simple guide to build and publish a static website with Pelican, GitLab Pages and Let's Encrypt

PDF sample

Get the e-book

Nice! HIBP has a "Pwned Passwords" feature containing passwords previously exposed in data breaches.

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Alessandro Castellani—the developer behind the excellent Sequeler and Taxi apps—is building Akira, a native UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Help him raise the funds necessary to hire on some stellar community developers and get the first release out! buff.ly/2FGHLMD

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Noticed it just now: Firefox now includes an option to hide system title bars. Nice!

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With the shortly upcoming Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Canonical is making it super easy to take advantage of Linux kernel live patching.

Live patching lets you install and apply critical Linux kernel security updates without rebooting your system.

Live patching is pretty fast, too. Most kernel fixes apply in seconds, and without any interference to whatever it is you’re doing.

--> omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/04/enable

Wasn't aware apt autoremove accepted a package name as an argument. Nice!

I've always used:
apt remove package
followed by:
apt autoremove


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Medium needs to stop doing this, or people need to stop using Medium.

It's a website that hosts blogs.

That you read.

it doesn't need your Fooglebaceook account.

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The caffeine tile in Android is very useful during development/debugging. Disables screen lock for the specified time. mastodon.social/media/Nz0g1QRI

ps_mem — a utility to accurately report the core memory usage for a program

Nice find: Artha (sourceforge.net/projects/artha). Select word -> press hotkey (Ctrl + Alt +W in my case): definition displayed as a notification!

This article made me try Artha again

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I very appreciate that the new Firefox lets you block all web sites from asking for location and to send you notifications. That was the worst.

The Mastadon web interface is nice but wonder if there is a nice GUI for the Linux desktop...

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