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The free open source email & comms app Thunderbird now has official accounts on both Mastodon and PeerTube. You can follow these at:

➡️ @thunderbird (main account)

➡️ (videos)

If the videos aren't visible from your server yet, you can see them all at

Thunderbird is available for Linux, Mac and Windows from

#Thunderbird #EMail #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Apps #Productivity #Office #Videos #Computing #RSS #XMPP

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AntennaPod is turning a decade old in about a week! 🎉
To honor the occasion, we would like to invite past, current and future users to celebrate.

Join us for a get-together and connect to on Friday 22/07 at 18:00 CEST!

The agenda includes looking back at how the App has evolved throughout the releases. A great opportunity to socialize with the core team, occasional contributors and fellow app users.

Add it to your calendar and get a reminder:

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Was wondering why Flatpak's were not being updated automatically on Mint. Looks like I didn't enable the option in update manager settings.

76 updates to install :)

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I am very happy to announce that I have released version 0.0.3 of #Tinge, which is my app for controling Philips Hue lights on linux (mobile first, but works on desktop too).

For the first time, I am also providing a .deb-package.

#PhilipsHue #PinePhone #Mobian #Librem5 #LinuxPhone

Poster designed with open source software, fonts, and media.

Software: Inkscape v1.1 [1]
Fonts (from Google fonts) [2]: Great Vibes, Source Sans 3 and Bubblegum Sans
Icons: System UIcons [3], Simple Icons (for brand logos) [4]
Background image: Pixabay [5]



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273!!! 😂❤🐧

We are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of TWIL with our takes on the hottest Linux news of 2022!

& Linux Foundation Scholarships!

+ so much more!

And make sure to subscribe to our new YouTube channel! 🐧 :

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Hit the help icon in #NewPipe by mistake. Discovered fast mode for loading feeds :) Videos do not have time duration in them, but that's not a big problem for me.

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This Saturday I will hold a talk at #fosdem2022 about mainline Linux on mobile phones! Tune in live or watch it later!

Also check out the other great talks in the FOSS on Mobile Devices track!

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Published my first book on Leanpub.

Linux for Biologists — A Cookbook

Free download until June 6.

Now featured on the main page. Thanks Leanpub :)

#linux #linuxforbiologists #leanpub

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