New find: Libravatar, (an alternative to Gravatar). Liberapay and few other sites support it:

Reminder: LPWM #6 today at 7pm GMT
Topic: The csv module - reading and writing CSV files. Handling errors in programs.

Online meeting link:

Course page:

Event page:

This is very useful to have in the browser bookmark bar.
Kills sticky headers on websites.

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Thank you to the #jitsi folks who have created a platform for people to connect, and a strong alternative to proprietary platforms. You all rock.

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New episode is out:

The return of the Heron • QT - fork it, maybe? • Phosh so big and pure • Foliate your ebooks • Deepin in beta • Lightly Lemur • Support Joe • Stay safe and eat scones

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Do you have a great idea about how to bring new coders into FOSS? Our Community Engagement Challenge was made for you! Get a head start on your application by checking out our FAQs. #GNOMEChallenge

BioVM 18.04.1 is now available

It is an Ubuntu Linux Virtual Machine for Teaching and Learning Bioinformatics.

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Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon will start next Sunday 5 April 2020, which for a week invites you to improve biomedical free software and the tools / libraries that support it.

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One of the best decisions I made was to deactivate those 'read receipts', aka blue ticks, from the IM apps that I use. Not only people stopped asking me for an answer right away but also I stopped waiting for other people's answers as soon as the ticks went blue. #MentalHealth

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VS Codium - the community-maintained MIT-Licensed build of Visual Studio Code from Microsoft, is now available in the Snap Store! Edit your code with more added Freedom!

/e/ ROM keeps pushing apps it thinks users might need with no option to disable or uninstall them. This time it was a pdf viewer. Looks nice but I had one installed already and it worked perfectly fine.

I have now switched back to Lineage. This also fixed an issue I was facing (unrelated to /e/) where apps couldn't write to external SD card.

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Wasn't aware cat can be used to create a live USB key of the Debian ISO :) (worked with Ubuntu as well)

cat debian-8.0.0-amd64-i386-netinst.iso >/dev/sdb; sync

I have always used dd for this purpose.

Source: Debian Handbook

I made of port of the sustywp theme for the Pelican static site generator. sustywp is a minimal theme with CSS and some javascript only for the menu functionality.


Live preview:

Original theme on which this is based:

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Introducing KDE's 1st video competition: Show off your film-making skills, shoot and edit a promotional clip for Plasma or KDE's applications, and win a @tuxedocomputers computer:

Day 7

Data is now stored in an SQLite database

When a webpage is downloaded, relevant information is now added to a database.



Other useful links:
SQLAlchemy ORM tutorial:

RESTful and HTTP APIs course on TalkPython training:

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