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Published my first book on Leanpub.

Linux for Biologists — A Cookbook

Free download until June 6.

Now featured on the main page. Thanks Leanpub :)

#linux #linuxforbiologists #leanpub

Moving to my Mastodon Social account. Thanks! @linuxrocks 🙂

This account should redirect automatically to

Question: How would a new Linux user install software from Debian package repositories on Ubuntu 20.04 without using the terminal (apt) ?

Snap store or GNOME software doesn't display these packages.

Synaptic can be used for this purpose but it still needs to be installed first using sudo apt install synaptic. I'm trying to avoid that.

Found recently that Seafile client updates are now available from their own Debian package repository

Versions available in the universe repository and PPA are out of date.

Nice! Also available in English and other languages.

Signal on Twitter: "Signal that you've made the switch by setting a new profile pic in the chat app that you’re leaving behind. தமிழ்" / Twitter

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YouTube forcing ads? Thoughts on PeerTube and the alternatives

My PeerTube channel: YouTube will now show ads on all videos even if creators don’t want them: #PeerTube is a free and open-source, decentralized, federated video platform powered by #ActivityPub and WebTorrent, that uses peer-to-peer technology to reduce load on individual servers when viewing videos. Started in 2015 by a programmer known as Chocobozzz, development of PeerTube is now supported by the French non-profit Framasoft. The aim is to provide an alternative to centralized platforms such as #YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion. Support the content at Social media links can be found at

Is there a good Light theme (Breeze alternative) for KDE Plasma without translucency or blur effects?

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Some nice tips/app picks on the recent Linux Unplugged podcast. I'm checking out profile-sync-daemon. Also on the list - video trimmer, firefox-adwaita-theme and also considering moving ~/bin to ~/.local/bin

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Aaaand here it is, #Kubuntu 20.10 Groovy Gorilla is out! Plasma 5.19.5 and KDE Applications 20.08 out of the box (so to speak).

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I realise this is very motherboard specific, but has anyone had any luck with modifying bios settings from a running OS before? As a blind individual who needs a screen reader, not being able to access the bios is very annoying, requiring sighted assistance.

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The Linux App Summit goes online in November. Call for papers is now open, so come and tell us about your project!

A high performance X11 animated wallpaper setter

I remember searching for something like this after seeing live wallpapers on Android

Experience so far:

Good build quality.
Battery was not charged initially. Made the mistake of connecting to a charger immediately! Should have removed the plastic film first between the battery and contacts.
There was a note in the user guide, which I noticed only later.

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Take a look at the #Akademy2020 program with all of the awesome talks, workshops, and BoFs in store for you. And don't forget to register!

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