Just noticed Linuxcounter project is dead.
18 years running under old administration, but after 7 years new admin decided to axe it.
But hey, at least in explanation post we can read whole story how admin changed his/her gender. That's surely what FOSS community needs - killing projects and life stories of transgender people.

Education continued... Good moaning, peeps... Bah... For y'all sissies, we start today with ...

A backdoor is a vulnerability by definition. When Politicians demand backdoors to encryption, they are not asking us to choose between security and privacy. They are asking us to choose no security: tutanota.com/blog/posts/why-a-

#Fight4Privacy #No2Backdoors

github pro tips:

you can add .patch to the end of any pull request url or commit url to get a perfect patch.

open a terminal and type:
wget github.com/ValveSoftware/wine/

BOOM. instant patch made from pull request.


wget github.com/ValveSoftware/wine/

BOOM. instant patch made from git commit.

mind = blown.

@Piejacker875 A man can never have too many ThinkPads. Congrats on your purchase!

@nergal @reyespinosa1996 Not sure if it was sarcastic reply... But G+ will be closed by the end of 2019.

@GnuThomas Thanks! ❤️
It's IRIS board from keeb.io, black spray painted CNC machined SS plates and cheapest ~10$ doubleshot PBS keycaps I was able to find on eBay 😅

Finally managed to set up my Rmarkdown + Pandoc + Bieber workflow in Vim ! Time to write term paper :vim:

i don't need a gf since i have systemd to fuck me

@architect Looks great! But that price... I'll wait few years :/

@bennydarshan Tried installing Void on librebooted X200, had no luck booting it, went with Artix instead. Glad to see other people having more luck.


Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..