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I'm really really impressed with the weather widget in .

It even has the option to render the meteogram natively using .

Plasma 5 and its plasmoids are just a never ending party of neat features.

Full resolution:

Something quite simple that gets right out of the box and doesn't is remembering running applications and their geometry accross sessions.

My official desktop screenshot! (Totally forgot about that!)

@MereLinuxMortal @bowner1012
I have been using Linux for around 20 years now as well. I change over time, people change. Having options is great because you will inevitably have different priorities and likes at different stages of your life. I've been all over the map with distrust. Mepis, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu, arch, void...

I need to come up with an April fools' day fake news piece for my Weekly Linux News video.

The obvious one is:

"Unity to return to Ubuntu 18.04 LTS as the default or alternative session"

But I'm sure there are better ones. Any ideas?

One of the reasons I'm temporarily moving away from and reverting to .

This is caused by a memory leak that dates back to early 2017 and is still unsolved.

I'm about to migrate to 5.12.

My workflow includes hot-plugging a second monitor through HDMI.

Under GNOME 3, this is totally seamless and my desktop simply extends into the newly added monitor on the right, always remembering which is my main display on the left.

I've read somewhere that Plasma 5 (at least until version 5.8) had trouble with this and would often forget the layout and swap the displays.

Does anyone know if this still happens?

@sisadness @RyuKurisu

For all users interested, I've created a small tutorial video on how to make it look like a tiling window manager:

5.12 now using 100% applications, , Konsole and Konversation in a tiling layout.

@hund hopefully you'll like this one better. qutebrowser is indeed brilliant and once you use it there's no turning back.

Full resolution:

KDE .12 LTS is shaping up to become an epic release.

After configuring KWin to remove every window decoration, including the title bar and making use of its native quarter tiling, I almost feel like using my beloved tiling window managers.

Full resolution:

The last time I used as my main desktop was in 1999. Since 2000, strictly speaking about DEs and excluding the many other WMs I used, I became a fan of GNOME. KDE 2, 3 and 4 never really clicked.

As a minimalist I love its UI but sometimes we change our minds. Maybe GNOME3's minimalism hampers a little bit too much my current need for customisation.

Today I gave a go and I'm in absolute awe. Its customisation options outweigh my minimalism. I love it @omnipotens .

LinuxRocks Instance is up too 927 Users. we are getting really close to 1000 Users.

@vascocosta i already moved to KDE and I wont go back any time soon. It has not crashed once yet much faster and still very customizable as I always have a goal to make sure my desktop looks like no one elses lol.

@vascocosta I just joined Mastadon because of you. Loving it so far!

Anyone else considering new options to replace GNOME if the memory leak issue isn't fixed in version 3.28?

I might revisit KDE Plasma 5.

@vascocosta You got me to join this instance, so thanks for that 😀

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