Any particular reason for my home feed to show only my posts and no one else's?

I've been away since mid 2018, but that shouldn't be a reason?

And yes, I'm still following people.

I'm really really impressed with the weather widget in .

It even has the option to render the meteogram natively using .

Plasma 5 and its plasmoids are just a never ending party of neat features.

Full resolution:

One of the reasons I'm temporarily moving away from and reverting to .

This is caused by a memory leak that dates back to early 2017 and is still unsolved.

5.12 now using 100% applications, , Konsole and Konversation in a tiling layout.

@hund hopefully you'll like this one better. qutebrowser is indeed brilliant and once you use it there's no turning back.

Full resolution:

KDE .12 LTS is shaping up to become an epic release.

After configuring KWin to remove every window decoration, including the title bar and making use of its native quarter tiling, I almost feel like using my beloved tiling window managers.

Full resolution:

is my wife and is my lover. 😍

This is dwm running on stretch on my 3, providing the ultimate minimalist desktop.

This is my primary machine running 17.10 running the Pop! theme for .

I really enjoy the amazing flat icons, top bar and the material design apps.

Quick install guide:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pop-theme

Then make sure you have the User Themes extension installed. Finally open Tweaks -> Appearance and select the Pop theme for applications, cursor, icons and shell.

Just installed System76 Pop + and shell theme on 17.10 through their PPA.

I love the flat and material design.


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