One of the reasons I'm temporarily moving away from and reverting to .

This is caused by a memory leak that dates back to early 2017 and is still unsolved.

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@vascocosta Thats why I had those error boxes all the time while trying the new Ubuntu

@Ghosty Indeed.

It's a bit of a shame, because otherwise GNOME 3.26 suits me nicely.

@vascocosta Gnome It's also a great Desktop for new users. And now that they are the Standart desktop on one of the most used OS. Its really sad that they don't fix this stuff. It destroyes the user experience of new users. So that they get a wrong oppinion about linux being a buggy mess.

@Ghosty True.

Although I'm a GNOME user since 1999, so I've seen all its faces by now.

@vascocosta Hehe. I was using Gnome2 for a long time. Gnome3 wasn't my taste though. So at the beginning of this year I tried tiling and now I can't move back. But if I had to Gnome2 (Mate) would be my Desktop.

@vascocosta Back then Linux really was a buggy mess :P. Restatring because you unpluged the audio jack. 😅

@Ghosty Yes and we had what we called LIPs, Linux Installation Parties.

At the start of a new year we would take our desktop PCs to the university and teachers among us who already knew a little bit about the install process would help installing it on everyone's desktop. Only a few years later laptops were standard. 😀

@vascocosta At that time I was way too young to even use compuers.

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