@lurak Once you go Pop!_OS there's no turning back!

I really like it. It's sort of flat, without being too flat and the material design looks nice too.

On top of that they keep improving it all the time.

@lurak Just noticed that neofetch detected the theme wrongly as Adwaita on both of us.

@lurak Nice. Seems like screenfetch shows the gtk theme out of the box, whereas it's an option on neofetch.

Anyway, I shall go through the shell script code to understand why it's showing Adwaita.

@lurak Yes that's cool. Although I'm already showing it on my screenshot (top right), because I use the amazing Freon GNOME Shell extension.

@lurak I've been using for 20 years, so I already did all the distro hopping you can imagine.

I used distros like and for a long time, but these days, I want something that doesn't require so much setup work and maintenance.

I still love , so being basically with some nice patches and defaults, became my option for the desktop.

i kinda have too,

i cant disable secure boot- so i can only decide between Ubuntu, Fedora or Suse
(and suse kinda sux)

@lurak I use CentOS on some servers and sometimes switch back to Fedora on the desktop. Fedora 26 and 27 are pretty decent, but I prefer a slower update cycle. What I'm really looking forward now is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

same, also Ubuntu has the biggest desktop market share

@lurak Yes, I forgot to mention that. Having such a huge user base helps them finding and fixing bugs sooner. On top of that, everyone targets Ubuntu when developing/packaging for Linux.

yeah, the offical spotify client or OBS for example...
...or Steam

@vascocosta @lurak not if it is the Debian community who develops/packages most of the stuff, and Ubuntu users mostly repackage (just for the sake of doing so) them and use it.

@okasion @lurak And that's why I respect Debian so much, like I mentioned earlier on this thread.

However, I'll disagree about Ubuntu simply repackaging for the sake of doing so. Ubuntu adds a lot of stuff to the vanilla Debian experience and picks different default settings, which work better in many cases.

That said, it really depends on what you want. On some machines I prefer the vanilla base and therefore install Debian and spend some time tweaking everything to my liking.

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@vascocosta @lurak same here, began with Slackware, RedHat, used Arch, Gentoo, and last year used OpenSuse. Now I'm settled and very very happy with Linux Mint. mastodon.social/media/nar90Fv_

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