This is my primary machine running 17.10 running the Pop! theme for .

I really enjoy the amazing flat icons, top bar and the material design apps.

Quick install guide:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:system76/pop
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pop-theme

Then make sure you have the User Themes extension installed. Finally open Tweaks -> Appearance and select the Pop theme for applications, cursor, icons and shell.

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@vascocosta I ran Pop!OS for a few weeks just to try it out. I liked the theming quite a bit. It seemed just a bit fresher and more modern than the themes that I usually use.

@GNUDuffer I agree. It feels modern and follows a minimalist flat design, without being too minimalistic. It's just the right balance in my opinion.

I like to run Ubuntu on my desktop, but I dislike their Ambiance theme, as it feels quite a bit dated now. So the best of both worlds for me was to use their theme on my Ubuntu machine.

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