I did a few to figure out which is the top performing web browser in .

After requesting the input from , these were the 5 browsers I decided were representative enough to include in the test:


Thank you all for the suggestions, next time I should also include smaller ones. Thank you @kelbot for letting me know about Falkon. I'm sure @hund will enjoy the final winner:

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@vascocosta @kelbot ,@hund I didn't expect firefox to be the looser as it fairs quite well on windows compared to chrome and opera.

@Huggles @kelbot @hund Yes, to be honest I didn't either.

Especially after the first Quantum release, Fireofx feels definitely faster than it was before on Windows 10.

On Linux though, I didn't notice it so much. Most probably this is related to hardware acceleration.

That being said, I didn't expect the numbers to be so low for Firefox on some benchmarks. It doesn't feel that bad visually.

the results are quite surprising I must admit....but like all things you gotta try them yourself to decide what works best for you...I think im gonna try some more browsers myself...I didnt kno about falkon

@bowner1012 Indeed.

I personally go with what feels best. For instance, I use qutebrowser because I love navigating with keys, instead of using a mouse. I didn't even know it was so fast, before doing these tests.

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