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#Wip for an illustration about animals endemic to the western ghats.

Trying to integrate the Nilgiris landscape to the form of the gaur.

Don't look at the feet (hooves?) I fudged it 🙈

Had my hands full tonight as the sun went down. Scratching two goats at once,

Rose at my right hand, Violet at my left!
#GoatsOfMastodon #mastopets #ヤギ #goats #wheelchair #ostomate

“Grindr is sharing detailed personal data with thousands of advertising partners, allowing them to receive information about users’ location, age, gender and sexual orientation…”

Today i made this as a response to the oddness of /r/linux moderation. There will be no over moderating here :D

Good job /r/linux mods. Proven this point SO WELL! 👏 👏 👏

Time to call it burned and make a new subreddit

The first of my Audio-things is now posted. It's a 100% unedited audio-log of linux/technology related things. Think of it as a mini-podcast.

capitalists reinventing public services poorly is one of my favorite tropes

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