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liberals think that reality has a liberal bias for the same reason they say shit like the arc of history is long but bends towards justice: it’s a total fucking cop out and lets them do absolutely jack shit and pretend like they’re doing something profound by sitting on their ass

"Within our social movements, don’t turn political disagreements into personal feuds. Don’t engage in needlessly disruptive behavior — and be wary of those who do so on a regular basis. The government has a long history of using infiltrators to sow strife within left organizations."


@bobstechsite @LibertyPaulM I'm not angry.

I would say both of your quoted statements at the same time (and often of myself).

Someone's use of OneDrive *does* has a small but, collectively, significant effect on (in my case right now) Linux culture. The institutions that create proprietary software are, inherently, not neutral. They seek to dominate.

As mentioned, I use proprietary software myself - I make compromises - but I don't kid myself that doing so is good or even neutral.

ytp (CLI youtube searcher) has been UPDATED with AMAZING NEW FEATURES like:

- Showing video durations!


- Being able to search in the command thingy without pressing x first because why not


(* no more)

Terminal Nyan cat vs. MPV Nyan Cat.. who wins? - only time will tell!!!

F I G H T !

i like this new eldritch horror treatment of the IWW/sabocat i saw over on :birdsite:

Finally got my ass around to configuring and using dwm (& st). I have them both pretty much exactly as I want them now, after a fair amount of effort.

Full size:

"The essential animus of neoliberalism is rebranding precarity as opportunity." #redscarepodcast #redscarepod

Self-care won't save us

"putting the burden on the target audience to find a way to cope, the framework of self-care avoids having to think about issues on a societal level. In the world of self-care, mental health is not political, it’s individual. Self-care is mental health care for the neoliberal era."

I for one am glad that I chose years ago to never, *EVER* deploy #php again.

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