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Slightly adjusted. I've added this to my website now, using it with the `image-rendering: pixelated;` CSS.

Fucking silly but I love it.

god bless whoever took the sample pics for cheese's page in the ubuntu software center

@garfiald website? Is that like an app, but for Google chrome?

now that i know how to use variables in bash i feel like i have SUPER POWERS.

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"Capitalism will always be racist and sexist, because it has to mystify its core contradiction — the promise of prosperity vs the reality of widespread poverty — by denigrating the 'nature' of those it exploits: colonial subjects, women and the dispossessed."

—Silvia Federici

gemini, mental health + 

I finally got some writing done for the #ADHD section of my #gemini capsule!
Hoping to add more soon and expand on some things, but I'm really happy with the fact that I've gotten *something* out there

>the bri'ish would choose a monarch when selecting an elected head of state

unredeemable island

covid, UN vote 

UN vote for if the patent law should be waived for the Covid vaccine

Are we the baddies dot png

"Github no longer supports this web browser."

Gitlab loops you on a "checking your browser" web page.

Good job, W3C.

Welcome back to days of Internet Explorer, but there are three Internet Explorers: the one Google makes, the one Google feeds, and the one Google stole which was in turn stolen from KDE.

If you don't use one of these, whether your browser can support standards is of no substance.

Web is like those public toilets which you look at then go, "I'd rather go into the woods.".

when I was 14, I gravely misjudged how much raving everyone would be doing in the future

always bullied for hanging out with the tankies.

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Linux Geeks doing what Linux Geeks do..