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His name isn't Zelda. He's actually Dr. Zelda's monster

#ukpol labour party 

Really good Tyskysour tonight. Dalia Gebrial's analysis of what's happening in the Labour Party right now seems bang on.

Meet the new Deporter in Chief, same as the old Deporter in Chief


Biden's vow to "heal the soul of the nation" was always pablum. But his decisions to leave the wall in place, appoint Cecilia Munoz, and possibly keep Trump's anti-asylum order shows how meaningless it was.

Try to imagine a world where every advertisement was replaced with art celebrating you as a worker and reminding you of your power and value.

At their core, all ads are telling you that you aren't happy, but you could be if you bought something. The cumulative effect of seeing that all day every day must be devastating, but we've never known anything else

americans celebrating Thanksgiving by spreading disease is super authentic

Chouettes photo ce soir, avec en guest stars un vol d'étourneaux.
Je vous en mets que deux, les autres vont être triées et valorisées.

Si t'as peur des regardes pas ces photos !

#photo #nature #MyPics #Pau #France

#introductions I'm Leafy, 15, he/him, autistic. I'm a big computer nerd and I love Linux and the FOSS community, I wanna learn programming soon since I don't know much about it yet. I'm a very chill type of guy and I'm willing to make new friends.

When you think about a generic computer game, what is it most similar to?

This is my new favorite tweet ever


the 2 types of communists

Mind blown, I never realized this coincidence:

You can use the next number in the Fibonacci sequence (1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34) to convert from miles to kilometers.

For example, 13 miles is 21 kilometers.


Really enjoyed @uoou & @HexDSL foray into video - guiding the player through the 1st hour.

It gives you all you need to start exploring & completing the early quests.

Joppa is a great start zone, because you can loot (behind closed doors) the few chests in town to start off with some kit (often a few artifacts to hand in to Argyve).

Old (2018), out of date but I attempted a quick guide myself. I went Mutant.

A computer is just a sandcastle we tricked into doing math with lightning

Potentially handy script.

Basically like Popcorntime on the CLI (i.e. watch films and tv straight from torrents).

Use like:

`pop "my fair lady"`


`pop "the andromeda strain 1971"`


`pop "the mandalorian" 2 1`

So long as what you search for is the #1 result on imdb and a torrent exists, it should start playing.

The hard work is all done by peerflix.

Needs: peerflix, jq and mpv (player can be changed by editing the peerflix lines in the script).

opening an underground fighting den where men with special interests bid to overpower each other with boring, weirdly aggressive facts.
tonight we see 'toy historian' face off against 'watch guy'

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