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Potentially handy script.

Basically like Popcorntime on the CLI (i.e. watch films and tv straight from torrents).

Use like:

`pop "my fair lady"`


`pop "the andromeda strain 1971"`


`pop "the mandalorian" 2 1`

So long as what you search for is the #1 result on imdb and a torrent exists, it should start playing.

The hard work is all done by peerflix.

Needs: peerflix, jq and mpv (player can be changed by editing the peerflix lines in the script).

opening an underground fighting den where men with special interests bid to overpower each other with boring, weirdly aggressive facts.
tonight we see 'toy historian' face off against 'watch guy'

the two most left-wing mainstream media publications are the onion and teen vogue, somehow

"Today, I want to introduce you to a concept – and a vision for the future of our species in the digital and networked age – that I’ve spoken about for a while but never specifically written about: The Small Web."

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#BREAKING Polls are set to open in 48 hours across the US as the authoritarian regime of Donald Trump attempts to consolidate its hold over the troubled, oil-rich, nuclear-armed, north American nation. Analysts are sceptical the election will end months of political violence.

More multiplayer Wesnoth (and lots of banter and carry on) in half an hour with @ChrisWere @olivia @uoou and more!

It also has a second (less useful) mode of operation with two parameters. You can use it like:

`applicationvolume Spotify 50` (value can be relative or absolute in all cases).

The application name (`Spotify` in this case) is as-per the output of `pactl list sink-inputs | grep "application\.name"` (when audio is playing).

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It probably won't work great on things that spawn a separate process for sound. But it's worked fine on everything I've tried to use it on.

With browsers, it will adjust the volume of the most-recently played thing, which seems like correct behaviour to me.

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Another script I made for myself that might be useful to others.

Changes the volume of the application that currently has focus. I use this for altering the volume of games (rather than messing about with mixers/game settings) and raising web video's volume's beyond the player's max.

Make keybindings to execute like `applicationvolume +5` and `applicationvolume -5`

Needs: pactl, xprop, xdotool

(more details in comments...)

I think what excites me about things like #gemini is that it's simple enough I can wrap my head around it and a nice community around it. Gemini will probably never "take over the world", and I question if that's even desirable. It's just fun to play with and I like seeing what people can do with it.

A little dictionary script I made for myself. Might be useful to others.

Not well written! Doesn't check anything!

Uses the dict:// protocol to look the word up and spit out the definitions, prettied up a little for readability. If the word's not found (i.e. most likely a misspelling), it falls back to a fuzzy find on the aspell dictionary.

Defaults to the *excellent* Webster 1913 dictionary.

Needs: fzf and aspell with an installed dictionary.

this could be us but you're still begging for reforms 😤

when were kids me and my friend would call those RF antenna switchers that you'd connect your games console up to the TV so you can switch between the aerial and the games console, they had a switch that said "TV <---> GAME/SPIEL" we'd call those a Gamespiel because that's what it said. he'd bring his nintendo over and be like "have you got a gamespiel" or "i've lost my gamespiel! my dad won't let me plug it in at home unless its plugged in via the gamespiel! i can't leave until we've found it"

you claim to have an objective viewpoint, and yet here you are, using the products of qualia

As the American right adopts a strategy of "gonzo constitutionalism, if the Democrats hope to exercise any power, it will be they, not the right, that will have to engage in a major project of norm erosion" –

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