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UKPol Red Tory back at It again 


Sadly, I am afraid that the the Labour Party died with John Smith in 1994.

JC terrified the press barons and all the people making money out of gutting the UK so he only really had one chance to get things changed before they got enough momentum against him to cow the public again. He stumbled when it came to election campaigning and that was the end of another brief glimpse of hope.

At a birthday event today. These birds just wanted some crumbs, and I just wanted some photos.

#MILC #photo #birds

We had some really fun adventures this weekend. It really just feels like the middle of summer now.

It should. We're past the solstice. But still..

#MILC #photo

wish the FBI agent who sees everything I do online would at least fave my posts, ;-;

Oops. Accidentally made a sed for beginners video. I think I look cute though? Might delete later.

what i like about mastodon is that it's like old school internetz: you interact with people, people interact back. remember when we came to the internet to feel less lonely?

@beegrrl growing up, i'd been taught that Malcolm X was promoting violence, and if you go to the 2 minute mark in an interview like this, it's just not the case

I had a quick look at Timelie. A cute time-manipulation stealth puzzle game. And oh no a video.

Now that Antifa is declared a terrorist organization, they are eligible to receive funding and weapons from the CIA

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