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The Milky Seas Effect is an ocean phenomenon where huge patches of water glow blue, brightly enough to be seen from orbit. From the surface, the sea would glow from horizon to horizon for days.

It's called "milky" because old accounts describe it as white. It's actually blue, but human eyes aren't very good in low light.

It's probably caused by some kind of bioluminescent bacteria, but no one's sure exactly what kind. No known bacteria match what we see.

Anyone want to interpret the Ace Of Rings from The Christmas Island Oracle deck for me? 🤔

After the last star went supernova, the last two civilizations converged on the white dwarf. They met in orbit for a desperate final battle. The Kajhan flagship hailed the Bre'ha worldpoint.
"…We…observe you visually…but you are silent…"
"…whoops, sorry, I was on mute."

#Wip for an illustration about animals endemic to the western ghats.

Trying to integrate the Nilgiris landscape to the form of the gaur.

Don't look at the feet (hooves?) I fudged it 🙈

Had my hands full tonight as the sun went down. Scratching two goats at once,

Rose at my right hand, Violet at my left!
#GoatsOfMastodon #mastopets #ヤギ #goats #wheelchair #ostomate

“Grindr is sharing detailed personal data with thousands of advertising partners, allowing them to receive information about users’ location, age, gender and sexual orientation…”

Today i made this as a response to the oddness of /r/linux moderation. There will be no over moderating here :D

Good job /r/linux mods. Proven this point SO WELL! 👏 👏 👏

Time to call it burned and make a new subreddit

The first of my Audio-things is now posted. It's a 100% unedited audio-log of linux/technology related things. Think of it as a mini-podcast.

capitalists reinventing public services poorly is one of my favorite tropes

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