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"Within our social movements, don’t turn political disagreements into personal feuds. Don’t engage in needlessly disruptive behavior — and be wary of those who do so on a regular basis. The government has a long history of using infiltrators to sow strife within left organizations."


Twitter hot take of the day:

If you have a wall around your yard, then you obviously should be fine with having a wall around your country.

@bobstechsite @LibertyPaulM I'm not angry.

I would say both of your quoted statements at the same time (and often of myself).

Someone's use of OneDrive *does* has a small but, collectively, significant effect on (in my case right now) Linux culture. The institutions that create proprietary software are, inherently, not neutral. They seek to dominate.

As mentioned, I use proprietary software myself - I make compromises - but I don't kid myself that doing so is good or even neutral.

ytp (CLI youtube searcher) has been UPDATED with AMAZING NEW FEATURES like:

- Showing video durations!


- Being able to search in the command thingy without pressing x first because why not


(* no more)

Terminal Nyan cat vs. MPV Nyan Cat.. who wins? - only time will tell!!!

F I G H T !

i like this new eldritch horror treatment of the IWW/sabocat i saw over on :birdsite:

Finally got my ass around to configuring and using dwm (& st). I have them both pretty much exactly as I want them now, after a fair amount of effort.

Full size:

"The essential animus of neoliberalism is rebranding precarity as opportunity." #redscarepodcast #redscarepod

Self-care won't save us

"putting the burden on the target audience to find a way to cope, the framework of self-care avoids having to think about issues on a societal level. In the world of self-care, mental health is not political, it’s individual. Self-care is mental health care for the neoliberal era."

I for one am glad that I chose years ago to never, *EVER* deploy #php again.

english is 3 inebriated languages in a trench coat pretending to be one sober language

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