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* Antergos
* I3wm
* a nice glitched wallapepr
* tty-clock
* cmatrix | lolcat

Suggestion for Mastodon (to prevent eventual gMastodon instance): cap instance size at 100 - 1,000 account by default. Make it a social contract for instances not to federate with instances greater than that limit.

Or, a few years from now, say hello to “gMastodon”. (See history of email and the Web for a lesson in the future.)

That said, we might already be on that path.

#economiesOfScale #networkEffects #powerDifferentials #ventureCapital

Infographic: how much is a trillion $?


(the main viewer has an image of a CAPTCHA)
Picard: Data can you identify the origin of this strange text?
Data: What text, sir?

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The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit install via Also how to support Feral Games and give them all your tux bucks! Enjoy 🐧

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