@MutoShack I'm in the UK so ISO is the norm. I started using ANSI quite recently because keyboards I wanted to use are only available or much easier to get in ANSI. Was hostile to it at first cos, y'know, being used to things.

But ANSI is a better layout. It's not a huge difference, but commonly-used punctuation is in better places and the enter key isn't *massive*.

Did a video about basic awk usage. Forgot to record at 1080, so it's a bit fuzzy. Fuzzy's good, right?


being an email geek 

@MutoShack Nice!

And... why do *I* never hear people talking about how much they love my scripts. That sounds like something I'd enjoy hearing.

"Find out your GAY NAME!

your first name +

*gets down on one knee*

my last name"

hot take about open source software 

The most important thing about Free and Open Source Software isn't all the stuff about forking and pull requests and that. The most important thing is that it works to insulate code from the profit motive.

The ability to fork or request upstream changes is a vital part of that but not the point in and of itself.

being an email geek 

@MutoShack fwiw, I'd love to read that.

You can get 1GHz of processing power for uber-cheap, but rich people are still trying to convince us that we need expensive computers just to talk to our friends.

Twitter politics? idk 

Feel as if fundamentally, community can only exist where joy is. And there is no joy on twitter because it is immediately regarded as political complacency, even if it is in spite of a political reality that it exists

Let's make a colour together! <3


as an historian, i'd point to the 1975 Biological Weapons Convention as one of the earliest examples of cancel cultures

A conservative, a centrist, and a leftist are on a sinking boat. The conservative is drilling the holes. The leftist is trying to patch them. The centrist is yelling at the leftist to stop rocking the boat.

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