@Main_Tomato Yeah, I know I can get rid of the title on firefox but then there's every other application...

all games i find interesting on steam shows @uoou already owns/plays it.

i found my gaming twin <3

youtu.be/h5BdHRsmf24 I made this video where I talk about Doom64. I actually pretty happy with it. You could watch if you wanted to :D

Hey @ChrisWere if you love telling people to marry so much why don't you become a priest and marry everyone to everyone else


@olivia Being a terrible truck driver is what ETS is all about.

Then suddenly, after many hours of having fun being a terrible truck driver, you realise you can actually make the thing go where you want.

@Main_Tomato I don't want to be the person who says try a tiler. But have you tried tilers?

They're fun.

@olivia (it's a nice relaxed place, mostly non-arseholes)

@olivia 😀

Did I link you to hexdsl's discord? Plenty of Linux game players over there!


@olivia Ok I think that "Always keep my total playtime private" tickbox is the problem. I can see what games you own but not what you've been playing.

Again though - only if you're comfortable with doing so!

@olivia If you wouldn't mind, could you set your Steam profile to public or friends only?

You can do so here I think: steamcommunity.com/id/shadnyex

I like seeing what people play.

They changed the default privacy to very private recently(ish) due to GDPR (I think).

Of course I *totally* understand if you'd rather not

Oh damn. I was tidying up my gaming channel and I stumbled upon this Morrowind multiplayer gem.
@HexDSL @uoou

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