@ChrisWere I always prefer no-facecam but I suspect I'm in the minority on that? (Just based on how prevalent they are).

Just wanted to remind everyone that this Garry's Mod playlist is my favourite thing I've ever created on the internet.

@SolusSpider Garak is just an amazing character. He just grows and deepens throughout DS9. Love him.

Gotta say though, that bromance can't compete with O'Brien-Bashir.

♻ RT @NCLMutualAid@twitter.com:

Fresh fruit + veg from @FareShare_NE went into our community larders + to families + individuals across the West end yesterday 🧡🍊🍅🥔

Many different people bagged fruit + veg + delivered items on foot + by car. #MutualAid recognises everyone has a role in supporting others💛

[:tw: tweets.newsbots.eu/NCLMutualAi#bot]

@Cryoclaire it's so dumb that I'd be amazed if it *didn't* exist in the 90s.

Life hack: don't waste your time piercing holes in microwave meals, it will make one for you when it is needed.

@JayVii_de (You mean VPS right?)

Yeah it's kinda hard to justify the hassle of running a local server when you can get a VPS that would easily do the job for $5 a month.

SSHing into my phone is something that never gets old

@yisraeldov @whatcraic No, for how they're voting *now*.

In 'western democracies' age is the single best indicator of how someone will vote and boomers are overwhelmingly voting for the parties with regressive or at least conservative policies on all that stuff I mentioned.


Compare age with social grade - which *used* to be the big cleavage, for example.

@yisraeldov @whatcraic it's undeniably callous but then... so is ignoring the fact that you're voting for stuff that will make the planet a literal hell for your grandchildren.

I think it's an amusing phrase, with a bit of poetic justice to it, so long as no one takes it too seriously.

And, to be fair, I heard it like twice during the very early days of the corono-crisis and haven't heard it since. It's not like Gen-Zers are all going round referring to covid as the boomer remover.

@yisraeldov @whatcraic Pretty sure it's facetious and hyperbolic.

With the underlying implication that if boomers all died, this stuff would all be much easier to fix.

@yisraeldov @whatcraic I don't think the "what we're giving to them" refer to parenthood. I read it as referring to the state of the world which, due to their actions and voting behaviour, boomers are largely responsible for.

(And by 'state of the world' I mean, foremost, the climate crisis you could also include asset-inflated house prices, lack of collective bargaining and thus shitty jobs, financialisation, surveillance capitalism etc.)

@Main_Tomato I thought you were a good person but it turns out you drink coffee :|

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