liberals think that reality has a liberal bias for the same reason they say shit like the arc of history is long but bends towards justice: it’s a total fucking cop out and lets them do absolutely jack shit and pretend like they’re doing something profound by sitting on their ass

"Within our social movements, don’t turn political disagreements into personal feuds. Don’t engage in needlessly disruptive behavior — and be wary of those who do so on a regular basis. The government has a long history of using infiltrators to sow strife within left organizations."

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roses are red
violets are blue
violent revolt
by 2022

@spelk I didn't know about, so thank you for that!

@bobstechsite @LibertyPaulM I'm not angry.

I would say both of your quoted statements at the same time (and often of myself).

Someone's use of OneDrive *does* has a small but, collectively, significant effect on (in my case right now) Linux culture. The institutions that create proprietary software are, inherently, not neutral. They seek to dominate.

As mentioned, I use proprietary software myself - I make compromises - but I don't kid myself that doing so is good or even neutral.

@bobstechsite @LibertyPaulM So there's (arguably) a quantitative difference, sure. That doesn't really advance any argument.

As to your question: I'm not arguing for the restriction of anyone's behaviour - you are. People should be free to use all the proprietary software they want. And people who believe that that is harmful should be free to say so.

And, ideally, people would discuss differences and maybe learn something. Rather than telling the other side they're not allowed to comment.

I've never every seen a more accurate picture in my life and I'm about f'n dead!

@bobstechsite @LibertyPaulM You can argue that *you* don't believe that proprietary software is harmful and that'd be all well and good.

But to argue - as you seem to be - that the fact that someone made a choice puts them beyond criticism is utterly bizarre.

@bobstechsite @LibertyPaulM

The point - which you've still not addressed - is that certain behaviours are harmful. FOSS people believe that proprietary software is harmful, just as climate change scientists believe that burning fossil fuels is harmful and... pretty much everyone believes that doing murders is harmful.

All of those beliefs are founded in rational, coherent philosophies.

That's not a straw man. It's not even really reductio ad absurdium. It's argument by analogy.

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