Potentially handy script.


Basically like Popcorntime on the CLI (i.e. watch films and tv straight from torrents).

Use like:

`pop "my fair lady"`


`pop "the andromeda strain 1971"`


`pop "the mandalorian" 2 1`

So long as what you search for is the #1 result on imdb and a torrent exists, it should start playing.

The hard work is all done by peerflix.

Needs: peerflix, jq and mpv (player can be changed by editing the peerflix lines in the script).

A little dictionary script I made for myself. Might be useful to others.

Not well written! Doesn't check anything!

Uses the dict:// protocol to look the word up and spit out the definitions, prettied up a little for readability. If the word's not found (i.e. most likely a misspelling), it falls back to a fuzzy find on the aspell dictionary.

Defaults to the *excellent* Webster 1913 dictionary.

Needs: fzf and aspell with an installed dictionary.


Finally got my ass around to configuring and using dwm (& st). I have them both pretty much exactly as I want them now, after a fair amount of effort.

Full size: i.ibb.co/48mj3zk/2019-02-03-08

Intending to write about The Gardens Between. Not got very far yet, clearly.

bspwm, ranger, vim, termite, qutebrowser and jekyll doing its thing.

Late Not much has changed since last week. Using a youtube searchy script I made.

bspwm and things. Going for a lightly brutalist kinda feel. Wallpaper: hsetroot -solid "#590032"