Slightly adjusted. I've added this to my website now, using it with the `image-rendering: pixelated;` CSS.

Fucking silly but I love it.

@uoou that's awesome!!

But watch out, just doing `image-rendering: pixelated;` won't work on Firefox. See this:

So basically, it's recommended you use *eight* CSS lines for just making an image pixelated.

@makeworld Didn't know that, thanks. It's a good job this stuff is all standardised :|

@uoou Ironic. An image used to promote gemini, a protocol that doesn't support images.


@nathand @uoou You know what also doesn't support images (by your reasoning)? ActivityPub!

ActivityPub does not support inline images, but in an ActivityPub object you can include links to a separately hosted resource along with a MIME type, the exact same way Gemini works. Clients can then decide what to do with said image, and most render it inline. Gemini can also render images inline, just most clients don't.

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