I wrote a very fragile script to interleave people's micro-logs.

Post about it:

Post about it on the shitty old big clunky web:

And what it looks like:

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cool stuff !
is this #gemini micro log format already standard ?

@adele It's no, no, it's just something my friends and I started doing when we recently got on Gemini.

@uoou ok, but it's a good idea !
A tool to convert Mastodon timeline to a tiny.gmi page could be cool too. Converting rss to tiny.gmi for example

but a manually written tiny.gmi file is also a #lowtech solution !

@uoou I've started mine !

@adele I've subscribed. And your elephant looks very cute on the timeline.

@uoou now it is just missing threading and we have usenet :yay:

@uoou uauua!! just what I was searching for! ...
I start my minilog for the occasion: gemini://

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