I totally agree with @uoou on his latest video at @HexDSL channel.


I enjoy the escapism & immersion of always have. But on multiple platforms ( PC & consoles) I have accumulated a LOT of titles. Often during holidays, I revel in my unrestricted playtime.

As my holiday dwindles the pressure intensifies to pick the "right title" to throw my time into.

Often I waste that time with bad short plays & disatisfaction.

Too much choice, mood not fitting genre.

@uoou @HexDSL I've also found the effort of refamiliarisation with a title, particularly strategy games, MMO's or long form RPG's becomes a major barrier & a new title, "starting from scratch" is easier & perpetuates the accumulation of more games.

A self defeating mechanism that empties me of money & motivation.

It doesn't help my gaming "moods" can shift midway through a game. Usually when I see that the title has boundaries & the "endless opportunities" promised are trapped & finite.

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@spelk @HexDSL Yup, absolutely agree with all of this.

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