Another script I made for myself that might be useful to others.

Changes the volume of the application that currently has focus. I use this for altering the volume of games (rather than messing about with mixers/game settings) and raising web video's volume's beyond the player's max.

Make keybindings to execute like `applicationvolume +5` and `applicationvolume -5`

Needs: pactl, xprop, xdotool

(more details in comments...)


It probably won't work great on things that spawn a separate process for sound. But it's worked fine on everything I've tried to use it on.

With browsers, it will adjust the volume of the most-recently played thing, which seems like correct behaviour to me.

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It also has a second (less useful) mode of operation with two parameters. You can use it like:

`applicationvolume Spotify 50` (value can be relative or absolute in all cases).

The application name (`Spotify` in this case) is as-per the output of `pactl list sink-inputs | grep "application\.name"` (when audio is playing).

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