had a very strange dream in which i was a male bisexual stand up comedian.

@olivia I mainly use nnn but when I *have* to use a graphical manager I use caja and it seems ... fine.

@uoou I've been using ranger sometimes, but for moving things around I'm not very efficient with it (at all).

@olivia tui file management takes some getting used to but I find that I'm quicker with it now (after.. a year or two).

@uoou it's a lot quicker to find and open things, i think. but for me it gets complicated when moving and copying a bunch of files around.

@olivia for copying/moving stuff around, tabs are key.

Like open a tab at source and destination and then paste away.

@uoou oh you mean in ranger? or nnn? I've seen ranger has this feature but never used it.

@olivia I did a kinda overview video about nnn a bit ago over on hexdsl's channel.


I'm not really recommending nnn though - in reality it does less than ranger and, as I say, only one column.

Just if you're curious, like!

@uoou someone suggested pcmanfm. might check that one out 🧐

@olivia I think I used that one very very briefly. My vague memory was that it was a bit *too* spartan for a GUI file manager.

@uoou from someome that uses nnn that must mean something... 🤔

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