@uoou Just because I am trying gaps you *have* to be different!

@hamishtpb :D

Gaps definitely look nicer. But wasted space always gnaws at me over time.

@uoou It's the wasted space that bothers me. That said I might well be happy to go to a different window manager and have one big desktop over two screens when I get a matching second monitor.

@hamishtpb You not still holding out for a *huge* monitor?

Gaming aside, I think I'd rather go 4K than go back to multiple monitors.

@uoou For space reasons I am pretty much going with two stacked vertically (I got the stand), see discord for recent pics.

@uoou A nice big 4K would be great for everything except gaming, maybe I will get a smaller 4K and keep the 1080p underneath for gaming - I dunno...

S'all money too, innit?

@hamishtpb w3rd. Waiting for a win on that lottery I don't enter.

@uoou There is ultrawide as well of course - 2560x1440 - some of them are as cheap as a decent 1080p

@hamishtpb 2560x1440 is 16:9 (1440p) (which is what I have now).

I'm less interested in ultrawides since (involuntarily) going single-monitor (and liking it).

@uoou Yeah - I will have to ponder it all as I say...

@hamishtpb I did check out your setup on the Discord. Looks very cool!

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