Just wanted to remind everyone that this Garry's Mod playlist is my favourite thing I've ever created on the internet.

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Fresh fruit + veg from @FareShare_NE went into our community larders + to families + individuals across the West end yesterday 🧡🍊🍅🥔

Many different people bagged fruit + veg + delivered items on foot + by car. #MutualAid recognises everyone has a role in supporting others💛

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Life hack: don't waste your time piercing holes in microwave meals, it will make one for you when it is needed.

SSHing into my phone is something that never gets old

Episodes like this has made it clear to me lately how much of a need there is for a space that is not about corporations selling guaranteed outcomes by "converting" (subverting) my every activity into consumption. Mechanisms that could help with that was in place but are continuing to erode, such as the original idea with TLDs. Suppose you confined all commercial activities to .com domains for instance, and you'd be able to bound the information spaces at least at a crude level when navigating it. But with commercial interests now preciding over TLDs it's eroded to the point at which the TLD has almost no significance whatsoever.

Possibly technologies that do not lend themselves as easily to commercial subversion, such as Gemini or even old sk00l gopher, could serve as dams for the onslaught. I can feel my interest in these "small web" technologies and communities rising.

#Mozilla your real problem Isn't Google, It's the system. Stop pretending It works for you. Fight the system not yourself.

Become worker-owned cooperative, try any alternative. Fight big tech by fighting the system that got them their In the first place.

This was your old logo, please come back. 💔

So there was this Twitter thread where some guy just said “give me your most radical left opinion” and at least half the responses were just things like “homeless people should be given homes” and “food is a human right.”

Just think about how badly you have to fuck up a society for basic human needs to be considered extreme

Today is the day, I've been waiting for so long, the space exploration finally escapes the publishers prison of 5 years and is released out onto the world via Steam.


It's got a new lick of paint and several systems have been shined up.

If you like and/or you might want to consider this

Works fine under with

Done a rambly video about the history of Unix, GNU, Free Software, Open Source and all that ting.


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