.XPengIN with @HexDSL and @uoou - Linux, Lutris, Epic and Stadia (Also some VPN talk) and some discussion about the Distro Chart from last week!
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The lil robin followed me from the car today, then followed me back when I left °


the BBC social media accounts have basically been posting "Ima get my dick sucked clean off my body this weekend hell no im not registered to vote" for the past week

If anyone would like a warm place to eat with friendly people this afternoon, our table can host a few more in northwest Arkansas. No need to contribute food or anything.

Meal includes possible food allergens/restrictions such as meat, dairy, wheat, and pecans. Household includes white cis gay men, a grandmother, a dog, cats, tarantulas, so many plants, and lots of dust.

I wasn't that involved in planning so I'm not actually sure when food will be ready.

DM or xmpp for details!

#Icelandic has some useful words which English lacks.

(Of course, this will be true of any pair of languages - English and #Icelandic are simply the ones I use the most and know best.)

My favourite such word tends to be "sólarhringur": a sun-circle, the 24 period of one day and one night.


Lately I've been really missing a good translation for "spennufall": literally a "tension drop." It's used to name the deflated feeling you get when you've been stressed or under pressure... and suddenly it's over, whatever it was.

Inexplicably sad after winning a contest? Spennufall.

Feeling empty after passing a difficult exam? Spennufall.

Unable to enjoy your new found freedom after meeting a deadline? Spennufall.

Pretty much any time you should be celebrating but just want to climb into bed and sleep instead, that's probably #spennufall.

It's a very useful word!


"The document, published by Berners-Lee’s Web Foundation, has the backing of more than 150 organisations, from Microsoft, Google and Facebook to the digital rights group the Electronic Frontier Foundation."

If you wanted to make sure I'd never trust this contract, well you just succeeded.


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