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hmm very interesting how literally everyone but me is a liberal, do better


the best thing the star wars prequels did is show the republic the rebels were fighting to return to was a tepid neoliberal centrist hellscape

English ppl be like, “ye know what chuffs me bumpkins bout yanks”

I've finally finished my video tutorial for FreeBSD with KDE Plasma! Check it out at

and please boost so all your Linux friends can learn the true euphoria that comes with running a real UNIX

Save and exit

A 25-year-old politician got heckled during a climate crisis speech. Her deadpan retort: 'OK, boomer' | CNN

I'm glad Uber has started refusing service to goths and hope more companies follow their example.

interesting that they’re using the same argument against warren that people in seattle use against sawant
yeah man what ever would you do?

*uncharacteristically at a social event*

them: this has been fun! we have to stay in touch... do you have FACEBOOK???

me, wincing: haha it's funny you ask, i don't, crazy right?

them, aghast and backing away: wow what do you do? Instagram?!

me: well, no... i don't really believe in...

them, disappearing into the darkness as the lights turn off: well how do you even talk to other people???

me, alone and whispering: i... run... my own instance...

In Blade Runner we were promised giant unethical tech companies ruining everything, instead we got giant unethical tech companies ruining everything.

i think that the humanities are a bunch of BS and we can just use rational science logic to solve all our problems. anyway i'm off to reinvent an idea that failed spectacularly 150 years ago that i could have learned about in a history book.

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