Toyota TownAce is one of those vans I just wanna pack with electronics and drive around at night straight reconnoiterin'

Between memes and cat videos it is easy to forget, that we all are from diffrent cultures, with diffrent world views, connected together and able to share our experiences and thoughts. I think it rocks!

Pro hacker tip:
Don't look anything up on Youtube without muting the volume.

Aggrorithm (n): an algorithm written to incite aggression. Aggrorithms are a dark pattern employed by businesses with bottom lines tied to confrontation and conflict (“engagement”). Profiling data is used to nudge users into conflict and increase revenue.


Want your movies as stylised wallpapers? (Linux Scripting) via

Adobe Sign: $34 per month, per person.

Apparently that's how much people value not typing 'gpg --sign my_file.odt', because I'm seeing zero benefits to the paid version of this brand new wheel.

i am doing some organizing and oh my gosh, i forgot about this cover art. this is stunning.

Making progress on my #gopher client written in #rust. An alpha version might be ready in a couple of weeks.

I didn't know I wanted to watch a review of a tape measure until it happened.

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