I think I need to reinstall my ...I accidentally put ~amd64 in my make.conf instead of amd64. At least Inkscape doesn't seem to support extensions anymore and I'm expecting more problems in my way with testing versions of packages. Downgrading is not possible or at least so emerge keeps telling me.

This is the downside of this distro, If you mess it up, you're not going to fix it in one evening.

optimisation taking place slowly. Every time I update the kernel I try to take look at the options and remove stuff I don't need.

I tried to take only what is minimal for the system but I got overwhelmed by the options and never got it even to boot so I'm taking the slower approach.

Did a fresh install of on my t440p. forgot to include swap what eh seems to be working fine.

This time went with and . Tried but for whatever reason it didn't work and I wasn't in a mood for troubleshooting. Still going to try it later.

I wonder when they'll switch ti 5.4 lts kernel.

My installation has proved it's value after I ditched tv. Now I just compile some heavy packages and watch the screen when I feel bored. Much better than reality tv.

I should be studying but I just have to figure out why spins my fans at 100% when I wake my laptop from suspend.

Super annoying.