I have been positively surprised how critical the public seems to be about the and government gathering location data from network companies.

Raising awareness is a slow process but it seems to work. I might be annoying nagger to a lot of people but some have actually tell me that they simple didn't know how deep the data collection is and neither did I a few years ago.

@tzycce I'm still a bit pessimistic, Zoom, Telegram and Signal is even used by Linux users who promotes Linux and open source. :(

@hund is open source and very open about the metadata they collect so I have no idea why are putting all these together.

@tzycce @hund As far as I know is only the client-side open source but not the server-side

@Ghosty @hund

"All Signal software is free and open-source. The clients are published under the GPLv3 license,[12][13][14] while the server code is published under the AGPLv3 license"

I think you are thinking about

And yes Signal is centralized but that's another topic.

@tzycce @Ghosty It's the centralstation I don't like. And the fact that you need phone numbers.. that's just dumb.

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