optimisation taking place slowly. Every time I update the kernel I try to take look at the options and remove stuff I don't need.

I tried to take only what is minimal for the system but I got overwhelmed by the options and never got it even to boot so I'm taking the slower approach.

@tzycce I've been thinking of maintaining my own kernel, I have tried it a few times but I always gave up a few hours in. It's tedious searching for thousands of options and features trying to figure out if you need it or not.

I don't have the patience spending days on it when it's only going to save me a tiny bit space on the disk. And it's not like the kernel updates are frequent either, so I'm okay with it taking maybe 20 minutes to compile.

@hund I find this interesting. I woulnd't be doing it otherwise because as you said, this is time consuming and the benefits are...well pretty minimal.

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