I'm becoming increasingly lazy with server management. Before I was doing everything from command line, now I just use

I guess I'm part of the rpm-family now since my daily driver is and server .

Nas is still but zfs on linux is starting to look very promising so might change that one point.

for the times I feel like tweaking but I'm still not comfortable enough to use it on daily tasks.

Moved my calendar and contacts to .

was a bit overkill since I had no use of its other properties.


is too reliable (boring) so my server now runs .

On serious note I had to reinstall anyway so why not try something new.

Compiling isn't that bad if you install minimal system and use binary packages for browsers.

But I wouldn't have patience to use full blown desktop with my hardware.

every now and then I rice my desktop but always end up going back to almost vanilla and in kde plasma.

What is your choice for a firewall?

Currently running in but thinking about switching to dedicated hardware and vanilla Linux/FreeBSD/OpenBSD.

ahh new kernel for gentoo. Time to optimiza in order to save a couple of megebytes disk space :P

I made a freenas box with 6 500 gb disk more or less picked out of garbage.

Using it for back ups. What could go wrong.

I ended up using opus with 64k bit rate. Sounded the best and my total library size was 8Gb.

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Which format should I use to compress music to relatively small space for phone? I

I read that in the higher bitrate the differences are non-existing but if you want ~100 kbps is the best quality but uses cpu way more than or . I'm concerned if this uses more battery.

Anybody experienced is this difference significant or only matter in outdated or very low spec scenarios? All the reviews I find are pretty old.

after years of procrastination I finally managed to import my music collection to the computer. 346 albums. Torrenting would have been so much faster and easier.

It appears that contrary to my previous experiences, intel tearfree option actually helped my to get rid of screen tearing.

But it uses 50MB of memory even on a fresh boot :(

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