would have saved a lot of time if I were to know is not really meant for router type of scenario.

is pretty simple but I do miss syntax used in

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I'm gonna take some time out from my router. Configuring all firewall rules with bash scripts is an exhausting task exhausting since I've basically used all my free time for it for the last two weeks. Of course it's simple if you know what you're doing, but if you learn as you go, there's a lot you have to read about.

Have to say these new apple M1 chips seem to be absolutely amazing. Especially thermal efficiency is beyond incredible.

Too bad it's only for such closed ecosystem so I'd never use one.

But this almost seems like beginning of an end for x86.

This is starting to get annoying that in increasing numbers programs are only available for container deployment.

Sure it's handy if you need it for sea of servers but for a single selfhosted machine it's pretty pointless.

TIL is not really meant for router type of usage.

syntax in is so much simpler.

"It's amazing how many organisations are given #root access on #Android but the end-user isn't!" - shared from a scary but true Hacker News comment that resonates with me.

Bye bye . Hello

I wasn't really using the properties of a fully blown hypervisor platform.

First decision to make do I continue using or change to for container and nfs share disks.

This router is using a Banana Pi with a new open source operating system called Fengg. It's seems like a neat home router for a decent price.

#BananaPi #OpenSource

Sometimes I think my home server might have too many moving parts. I want to run server, which means I need to learn about firewall and forwarding from external vps.

Why am I doing this?

First update and it won't boot. lål well I guess something like this is to be expected...

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Got my

Opted for . More responsive so far than I expected but I have literally used this less than an hour.

with on root surely likes caching things on memory. Not that it's wrong by principle because memory is there to be used.

@tzycce Almost every time I defer implementing some new feature in my OpenBSD firewall I end up surprised by how easy and simple it was to do in the end.

Last time this happened was on the weekend.

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