6.9 is out.

I've been using one as a router since 6.8 came out and gotta say it has worked beautifully.

It has been set up and forget despite I'm running it virtualized with kvm and pci passthrough .

using systemd-boot and systemd-networkd and systemd-resolved in arch. what next

huh arch installer was not an april fool after all. Installed it in order to test and .

screen sharing is unavoidable for me during these times.

People using for personal use and that are also self hosting. What made you to choose it over ?

So i made a matrix chat room for newb programmers like myself to ask questions and not feel like a complete moron of course also to talk about coding stuff in general. Feel free to join. :) #newbprogramming:matrix.org

People seem to prefer distros with newer packages for desktop and well battle tested and with older packages for servers.

I''m the opposite. I have run fedora servers and now a testing arch based vps and have yet to meet any problems.

On the desktop on other hand, bleeding edge distros give me headaches all the time.

Just released: research paper by CS Prof. Doug Leith at Trinity College, Dublin @tcddublin

"Mobile Handset Privacy: Measuring The Data iOS and Android Send to Apple And Google."

#data #privacy #apple #google


Demo: Computer speakers turn into remote listening devices broadcasting audio to multiple frequencies using Pinetab with internal RTL-SDR to listen in. #SDR #RTLSDR #Radio #Pinetab #Infosec #Pinephone #Pine64 #Microphone #Speakers

Running a windows10 in vm to use cad software. I feel so dirty.

gnome testing now says 11 in logon screen. also zfs on root still works nicely.

Installed server. Now I have one contact there.

Is there someone here who happens to be knowledge about the swedish law and have maybe 30 minutes to spare for free? I have a couple of hopefully simple questions regarding sub-let.

I usually never ask for this; please boost. It's highly appreciated. Thanks!

I'm planning a blog series for where I start installing a linux server from scratch. This is meant for users not so familiar with the topic.

It is supposed to offer an alternative for most used big tech services like photos, messaging (whatsapp), calendar etc.

But I'm struggling with my first post on why to do this without sounding like a tinfoil hat guy which is not approachable to an average person at all.

Any ideas why a regular person would be interested in this topic?

Since this is a trending topic, I'm gonna keep ranting about this.

Now is a good opportunity to promote alternatives for IM apps and I'm thinking what would be a good solution to make alternatives like and less intimidating.

Despite me ranting often against them, I do think they are the best solution IF you or somebody you trust is willing to spent the necessary effort.

People who spent a lot of time with computers tend to often forget, this is far from easy for most.

Can't decide what programs to use...

If I want to host calendar and contacts, share a few files every now and then, what shoud I use?

and or go full out with ?

If we now get a big surge on users, I wonder how much server capacity they have. Is there going to be issues with this?

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