First impression of using #FreeBSD. 

First impression of using #FreeBSD. 

First impression of using #FreeBSD. 

And yeah ...zfs likes memory. Not that I mind really. I don't know does it make much sense using zfs with only one small disk but snapshots are just so handy.

Yeah I know it's not a distro but usually I just distro hop. Now needed something different since I already have tried almost every major distro.

So far so good except havent yet found good setup for x220 touchpad.

As I was putting my head to rest I had horrible realisation...I haven't changed my main distro in a couple of months.

So bye bye Arch, hello freebsd.

Thinking about hosting my own xmpp server. It seems a lot of people are really critical of xmpp when I do some research. I thought it was the best option privacy wise but it seems some think you're pretty vulnerable against big players (governments etc)

Just did my first web page with apache. Now when it's up and runnin', all I can think of I should have used caddy. Oh well

Thought about hosting my own email server on vps. After some research it seems not worth it. At least for now.

Probably gonna go with the paid protonmail subscription.

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Cantor, KDE's user-friendly interface to your favorite mathematical applications, gets better support for plugins and improved Markdown and LaTeX implementations in Applications 19.08, allowing you to perform calculations and visualisations like these:

had to abort using iwd for now. Can't get eduroam to work. Uni helpdesk was just like wtf is that and why are you using it.

So wpa_supplicant it is.

Looking for ways to secure my wlan home network. I don't like there's a single point of failure (password).

Lots of reading to do it seems.

I don't undertand why people still see memory usage as a number one criteria for how heavy a program is. In my everyday use scenarios I basically never reach even half of the memory usage (8gb) of my laptop.

I would argue most important bloat criterias are how quickly programs responds and battery usage.

I love tiling wm's because of fast response but I dont get more battery life using i3 than kde. Memory usage, hard drive space and package count difference are meaningless.

Living on the edge. I added ublock origin in my tor-browser. I also browse in full screen mode. Sometimes I just drop everything I believe in and log on to my online accounts.

amp2 has been pretty impressive. I knew even cheap d-class amps are pretty good nowadays, but I was worried about sound distortion from the rasp and power supply. Unless I basically press my ear next to the speaker, can't hear a thing.

Next step, I need a proper equalizer. Gonna try some software solutions first although I know it's gonna affect sound quality.

update: back to whatsapp.

What am I supposed to do, even people who work in the tech just don't want to switch to signal. So it basically come down to quitting a hobby or using whatsapp.

Well I'm using it from a prepaid sim and sandboxed it with shelter. not like it does much but whatever.

Any experiences on hifiberry?

Thinking about using a rasp as a music server.

Anybody using hifiberry products? Considering to use their amp2+rasp as a local music server+amplifier for small 5" speakers.

My refusal to use whatsapp is tested once again. Another hobby group just can't understand why I wont use it.

Feels nice being an asshole :/

the minimalists at linuxrocks:

what is your solution for using the mastodon?

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