Thinking about keybase...Is my tinfoil hat too deep or why I feel so uncomfortable using some external service to manage my keys and identities...

Has anybody changed the cells on your laptop battery yourself?

I'm frustraded that buying new batteries for old thinkpads seems to be hit or miss even with expensive genuine lenovo ones.

I'm considering to buy some quality panasonic cells and soldering those to the battery case myself.

Hard part is to disassamble the battery without breaking anything.

It seems I won an auction on another thinkpad. :/

Hello new project, T440p. Gonna mod it with full HD ips and x250 touchpad. Maybe changing the processor later, dunno, because I'm not planning to do anything heavy with it.

or maybe I should look into seperate router adn arm servers...

Anyone experienced with turris omnia or other open-source routers?

Seeking for an alternative for my power hungry server which currently runs mostly as a firewall and file server.

@Ghosty lål , I just finished updating the world set. it took 8 hours.

Installing grub has taken over an hour and it's still not finished ::DDD

This is hilariously slow on x200 :DDD

I might have bit off more than I can chew.

now when the kernel is compiling it's fun to notice I forgot to cryptsetup for luks.

oh well why do something once when you can do it twice.


Alright, the time has come. Now I'm going to install Gentoo. My goal is to boot to tty today and go on from that tomorrow. Wish me luck.

huh, can't get void live cd to boot on x200. works fine with x220.

Ubuntu live cd works on x200 no problem. I guess this is related to uefi/bios but can't get this solved for now.

I just changed my another x220 to x200 (with better battery and better condition overall). Why getting something new when you can use decade old technology.

Now I need to find suitable soic clip so I can libreboot this thing.

Is there a way to use spotify without the official app?

So far have tried mopidy and clementine and haven't got neither of them to work.

Gnome 3.34 available in fedora rawhide. So far haven't noticed a difference and I suppose that's a good thing?

ncmpcpp looking for a maintainer :/

Spotify this, spotify that. Owning your music is dead.

I'm starting to steer away from minimal desktop thinking as it seems that the only plus side smaller memory usage which hasn't been a problem in ages with modern computers.

After using about a week gnome on fedora I'm starting to like it.

It's quite snappy nowadays so no complaints about speed which was my main concern before

The workflow is very fluent since it's easy to use mainly keyboard for everything.

"It just works"

Dear diary,
today I learned I could have just set a keyboard shortcut for changing keyboard input language. Realising this earlier would have saved me so much time and loss of hair.

FreeBSD has worked without any hiccups except that one I just can't get the touchpad work well at all.

If you use the trackpoint this would totally work as a daily driver in my experience. If not...well not so much.

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