After a year of absence, I am back with my Fedora 34 Wayland Thinkpad T580 rice.

repost from twitter:
PSA: If you update to Plasma 5.18 in and you can't unlock your widgets, type this in the terminal and hit enter:

qdbus org.kde.plasmashell /PlasmaShell evaluateScript "lockCorona(false)"

Or copy and paste.

So Canonical announced that Plex Media Server is available as a snap for Linux.

The Plex Media Server snap runs Plex as root, and the Plex Media Server deb runs as user "plex", and isn't a pain to configure and disable autostart for like the snap is. I'll stick with the deb...

So, feeling brave I updated to Kubuntu 18.10. (Even though it isn't October 18th yet, or October at all for that matter) ( I made a timeshift and clonezilla backup last week) So far so good.

Spatry, famous Linux youtuber is coming back in September. Maybe he should take it easy on the meth this time.

Is this Unity? No, but looks like it. It's KDE ( Kubuntu 18.04 with Unity theme )

@tuxkrusader I agree. That said, Wine development has picked up recently in no small part because Valve is bankrolling development. They admitted as such.

The "Steam Play" thing is cool, but people are acting like Wine was just invented. You could play 99% of this stuff ages before Valve cloned the Wine & DXVK repos and copy pasted them into Steam. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of what Valve is doing. However, I think you should give credit where credit's due: The wine developers

ALERT! ALERT! Download this electron app before Micro$oft sues him! Windows 95 as an electron app. Git clone that sucka!

Pokémon GO is locking out users after scanning internal storage for evidence of rooting. Glad I haven't played since I said ✌🏻 to google.

or you could install thunderbird 60 flatpak from flathub but i prefer the traditional way ( if it's available )

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Sick of waiting for 60 to reach the Ubuntu repos? Well, the UbuntuZilla repo has it. This repo has been around forever. (Hosted on sourceforge)

I had to deprecate Corebird from the Solus unstable repo today as a result of Twitter killing off their UserStream API ("retiring" it, in their words), officially tomorrow, thereby killing a plethora of third-party apps. So disappointed in the move by Twitter to do this, really enjoy Corebird as well as the numerous Android clients like Fenix and Talon.

I think it's about time I start promoting and encouraging people to switch to Mastodon, as well as starting to use it more heavily myself.

Watching 'Halt and catch fire' again.
Such a good show! My absolute favourite in recent years.

Want to play the classic video game Commander Keen on ? Look no further than the open source engine "Commander Genius"
Ubuntu users: There's a PPA available also.

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