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Even some of our Tuxes need a hat today - but the mood is and always will be good!

Birthday packages are up for grabs again in September!
We will announce on our social media channels & newsletter when to participate! Be ready!
Make Magazin
Open Source Business Alliance

GNOME was started on 15 August 1997 - so yesterday it has it's 25th birthday! Congratulations!
Thanks to Miguel de Icaza and Federico Mena!

All new Firefox 103.0 is now available as a deb package in our repo, including hardware video acceleration enabled by default. All TUXEDO OS users will get it via update, all others can add it to our repo or download:

On Aug. 8, the city of Augsburg celebrates the Augsburg Peace Festival! The special thing: this day is a holiday and it exists only in this city and it does not apply beyond the city borders! But: We are there for you in a small cast and reachable via the usual support channels!

Still a construction zone next door, but things are moving forward! Our new offices are slowly becoming a reality! We are also planning training and presentation rooms. It is so exciting!

Ready for the day!
We expect 31 degrees today - but we are well prepared! Think of yourselves and drink a lot!

The first insight into our development work & about the mainline topic was very appreciated by you, so we're happy to present another part & report about our adaptations to the Linux kernel. Many thanks to our colleague Werner, who wrote the report!

Qui(e)te powerful!

Meet Generation 2 of our TUXEDO Pulse 15 with:
- Ryzen 7 5700U-35W
- WQHD high-res display
- 91 Wh Battery for 18 h of runtime
...and lots of other improvements.

New partner for our TUXEDO Birthday Fan Packages: Make: gives magazine subscriptions - free for one year!
Thank you very much and we're happy to have you on board!

@intel @holarse @opensuse @LPIConnect @nitrokey @osballiance Computec Media

Don't forget to send your photograph of your TUXEDO to have the chance to win a TUXEDO birthday fan package! Today at 12 pm (CET) the raffle will be over!

We would like to thank also our partners and sponsors, without whom we would not have been able to put together such great TUXEDO birthday fan packages!
@intel @holarse @opensuse
Open Soruce Bussiness Alliance @nitrokey
Computec Media

Only 2 days left to win a TUXEDO birthday fan package! Did you already send your photo? No?! So do it now - on June 30 the raffle will be over!

Due to our annual inventory, there will be delays in fulfilling your order or service order starting 28 June, 2022. Inventory is usually completed within a few days. We apologize for the inconvenience & will of course process your orders as soon as possible!

I got a new laptop, to edit videos and game on the go: the
Stellaris 15 Gen 4. It's an absolute monster in terms of performance, and, of course, it runs #Linux! Want to see why I picked it up? Check out the video!

Here's a little insight into what all the effort is for: This is what your TUXEDO birthday fan package could look like! Thx to partners @intel @holarse , @openSUSE , @LPIConnect , osballiance , @nitrokey
So: Send your photos in until June 30th!

Have you heard? There are new TUXEDO birthday fan packages to win! Until 30th of June 2022. you can participate and submit a photo of your TUXEDO! We're excited to see your submissions!

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