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Long lasting devices! ^^
In matters of education, you must always be persistent, whether with children with or without fur! ;)

Cat content! 🐱
TUXEDOs, a cat and a Tux - well, if that's not a fun combination! 😁
Does your cat also feel comfortable with a TUX(EDO)? Just leave a comment!

Definitely at least an iced coffee or something similar is necessary today!
How hot is it in your office? And hopefully you have something to cool down?

"What is "mainlining"? And can you eat it?" - This question appeared again and again in the past time and in the blogpost of our developer Werner, is explaining all the important points about it in detail.

The logo of Münch It Solutions is conspicuously inconspicuous - very chic! And what do you put on your TUXEDO?

Some people know someone who has certain skills. This was also the case with Torsten, our developer - employees knew him and asked if he would like to work with us. And yes, he wanted to and now he is actively involved.

Good day, sunshine! Everything is up and running! The week will be great weather and sunny - any plans for today or the week?

Finally we are back in the game - since May 6th our website and the corresponding store is available again.
We still have to work on a few things - but in general everything is functioning again. We have put together some more information for you!

After the last week hab been a bit "exciting" and some strengthening is certainly needed, there is good food for nerves in the kitchen for the colleagues.

Feeling adventurous? We got a special repository with some bleeding edge packages like Kernel 5.18 RC5, latest Mesa from Git and Nvidia-510.

Break a leg! 🤞

Jay from LearnLinuxTV really got dressed up for this - of course he wears a suit when he reviews a TUXEDO notebook! ;)
The InfinityBook Pro 14 is a device for everything and for everyone - for work, for gaming. Jay is very excited about! Check out the review

Our Stellaris 15 appears already like a gaming notebook from another planet!

Meanwhile, if you have questions or problems we do our best to help you out. Yet we are working on getting the website and online store back online as soon as possible and therefore ask for your patience!

Many thanks in advance!

@vinzv | TUXEDO Computers

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We feel the current state is particularly annoying because we are also affected internally and cannot complete tasks as usual. Furthermore - and maybe even worse - you can't reach your favorite Linux store. But things are what they are and sometimes the only thing you can do is to wait.

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