NEW: InfinityBook Pro 14 - Gen7 Ultra portable 99 Wh business notebook with 12700H, 16:10 3K display and full Linux support.
What do you prefer? 99 Wh battery or 4-Terabyte edition? In Deep Grey or Ice Grey?

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@tuxedocomputers I am probably not in the target group as I am working on an XA15 now. 🤔 However, it is nice to see Tuxedo is continuing to provide modern and customizable hardware suitable for linux. 👍

@tuxedocomputers more juice in black coating would be my favourite! And an FHD variant with dedicated graphic option would be my dream.

@tuxedocomputers Damn, it's almost perfect! If only there was a 1200p version available. Although I'm certainly not the target group, I am patiently waiting for the InfinityBook S G7 :)

@tuxedocomputers Also: Most other notebooks featuring Alder Lake do come with two TB ports. Is there a particular reason that this is not the case here? I'm not trying to talk bad about your product, I'm just curious.

It's not that we would not like that, but sometimes for design reasons you cannot get everything into one chassis. We will keep your feedback in mind though. Thanks for that.

Another feedback to potentially keep in mind: make all batteries changeable :-)

To be more elaborate: Cost for TB are quite high, so we have 1 TB and one full featured USB-C. That gives. as we believe, the best price benefit ratio. Also there is full bandwidth on the thunderbolt port and no sharing with the second type c port. But we will see what is technically practicable for the future.

@tuxedocomputers I believe that the Schenker Vision equivalent to the InfinityBook has the ability to select different charging profiles to prolong the battery lifetime (

Will that feature be available for the InfinityBook too, and if so, will it be configurable from the OS or only by rebooting into the firmware setup?

I'm happy to say: Yes, it will. All InfinityBook Pro Gen 6 and 7 and some other devices will receive this feature, which will be adjustable from our TUXEDO Control Center.

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