@tuxedocomputers I am very curious! Looking to buy a new notebook right now and if this is what I hope it is then I might just have found it. 🤔

@tuxedocomputers looks like a standard Notebook.
Annyhow the engine is different, it is more or less a small improvement.
Two thinks I miss at Tuxedo portfolio:
* A Convertible with touch, Pen, Cellular/GNSS option and coreboot 🤗
* Notebooks with nice Colors 😉

*convertible - we're working on that topic ^^
*nice colors - so many people use stickers for their device to make it colorful ;)

* Convertible: nice to hear :mastodance:
So this can be a replacement of my Fujitsu LifeBook U939X red
* colors: stickers are OK but slightly reduce the cooling performance and is not stable so the glue will be impact the surface depending on the used material

@tuxedocomputers yep, very nice. Also for professional a dark grey or blue is nice 😉

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