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Searching for a Linux Notebook with 14'', FullHD Resolution, M2.SDD und 2,5 SSD/HD, 16 GB RAM and additional grafic engine, USB-C . 😇
It seems that this fits not my specifications ... 😥
I made my filters on the Tuxedo Homepage and i got nothing which fits my needs.

14'' Display (FullHD or higher) - min. 2 HD's (M2.SDD and SDD 2,5'') - loading with USB-C Power - AMD Grafics - AMD Mobile - NO Numpad - LAN Port


@zwovierzwo @tuxedocomputers I only use my laptop for audio / audio programming stuff and the odd bit of video editing. No numpad was one of my requirements. The pulse 15 was perfect for me. I hope you find something suitable for your needs. Dell and Thinkpad was also on my shortlist btw. choosing a laptop is hard work
and very scary. Be sure to read lots of reviews from different sources and watch teardown videos.

@zwovierzwo @harrysentonbury The InfinityBook Pro 14 should fit for the most part, but you can also order the InfinityBook S 14 Gen6 with a second SSD - please specify in the comment field that you want the STORAGE edition (but the LTE option is dropped).

Wow such a resolution on an 14'' Display ... i think i need new glasses 😆
Is it possible to power this notebook with usb-c cause there is already a power plugin?
I also took a look about the operation system - is it possible to run a debian edition on that book without problems. Cause i do not like Kubuntu or any other system with Ubuntu Core System. At the moment i am running a Debian SID System - so that would be nice if this will also run on that book.

Thank you for your help 😊


@zwovierzwo @harrysentonbury Yes, all of the 14" laptops we offer right now can be charged via USB-C.
We suggest a 90W USB-C power supply.
Debian, according to the customer feedback we have received so far in the last few months, should run just fine.
Debian 11 and thus sid should run. Important is a kernel >= 5.10

Great information about that - so i take a look and map it with my cash pocket 👍
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