Finally we are back in the game - since May 6th our website and the corresponding store is available again.
We still have to work on a few things - but in general everything is functioning again. We have put together some more information for you!

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Good luck, such an event causes hard work and is never fun. 💪

nope, not really. but, well, it happend and now we're back and available for our fans and customers - the most important thing!

@tuxedocomputers In der Meldung steht irgendwas von Accounts nach dem 29. April, aber mein Account von Anfang Januar war auch weg. Ceph.. externer Dienstleister.. gut, dass ihr daraus gelernt habt!

@kaoliva jep, hast Recht - die Meldung war noch nicht ganz fertig aktualisiert - jetzt schon. Danke für den Hinweis!

@tuxedocomputers Thanks for bringing back the Website. For those, who still have problems: Remove all Website data for the tuxedo-website and login in again. (Without removing the website data, I couldn't login again and I couldn't resend a password).

@andreS i noticed this to be a general issue even before the website went offline. Once my session was expired I wasn't able to login again without clearing all cookies. The form always responded that my data was invalid. @tuxedocomputers in case you're not aware of that yet, might be worth checking it.

@cs92 @andreS
Hi, please try to type the password manually and not use the password manager suggestion. Password managers sometimes store a cookiehash

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