We got an update for you regarding the downtime of our shop. It's a bit extensive so let's start a thread.



As you already found out, unfortunately our website and the corresponding store have been unavailable for quite some time now!

Before you start to worry - we are fine and everything is fine from a business point of view! We're currently doing some maintenance work on the servers that can't be postponed, which turned out to be more difficult than it seemed before.

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We feel the current state is particularly annoying because we are also affected internally and cannot complete tasks as usual. Furthermore - and maybe even worse - you can't reach your favorite Linux store. But things are what they are and sometimes the only thing you can do is to wait.

Meanwhile, if you have questions or problems we do our best to help you out. Yet we are working on getting the website and online store back online as soon as possible and therefore ask for your patience!

Many thanks in advance!

@vinzv | TUXEDO Computers

@BollerwagenPicard @vinzv Yes. myTUXEDO and other services like WebFAI is hosted on different infrastructure.

@tuxedocomputers@linuxrocks.online @vinzv@floss.social das gute ist ja, man muss nicht so oft einen Notebook bei euch kaufen... man ist ja sehr lange damit happy.

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