@tuxedocomputers Allow Javascript and disable adblockers, just to read a statement? Come on, not like this!

@hansup @tuxedocomputers

hmm, I do not get these messages here in UK (and the site does not trigger my adblockers or privacy badger at all, maybe they have changed it already..)

@vfrmedia @hansup @tuxedocomputers

I don't see those messages either? All my blockers say the site is fine?

@feditips @vfrmedia @tuxedocomputers Just, checked again, still the same. It’s a pure javascript thing. When I turn on JS, i see the page.


Why do you adress it only to guys?

Do you expext women don't buy ones? :debian: 🙁

hi, everybody is meant by the word "customer" - its not explicit male. Or do you mean the word "guy" in one headline?

@silberhaeckse The headline is rhetorical and we mean ourselves. Probably a phrase when translating - but we can take that out.


you have also womwn in your company and not only guys.

@tuxedocomputers people can be impatient, your explanation is great. Thanks for your hard work!

oh. I'm one of the 858 customers.

Ok. Thanks for the information.
I'll wait patiently.

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