@tuxedocomputers Not #FeelYourPulseRyzen? 🤔

Please… don't let this be the work of that new marketing manager you (are|were) looking for 😩

@tuxedocomputers your website seems to be feeling some load. :) I hope it's a good sign.

@tuxedocomputers Hopefully it’s with dual-channel RAM configuration, else doesn’t pays the processor justice.

@tuxedocomputers @frumble what's the diff between the regular RAM and the "high perf" one? Where could I read more?

@tuxedocomputers I don't know if I've asked before, but is there somewhere in Munich where I could take a look, see the screen and the keyboard? And a second question, how long does it take for a custom combo (ryzen 7, more RAM, uk keyboard)? Not binding question, just approximately how many extra weeks?

@tuxedocomputers So lange kann ich noch warten. Gibt es schon genauere Specs?

cc @TheFuzzStone I believe you were looking for a Ryzen laptop recently? 🤔

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